Anonymous asked: wait ok so i'm the anon that said that you're super amazing and stuff and i just saw that you answered it and i was kind of confused. are the reaction images supposed to be good or bad?? because that sloth looks sort of uncomfortable but it also kinda looks like it's smiling a little bit?? so yeah sorry :(

oh! i thought it was obviously a smug sloth, a sloth that was very content with the compliment and feeling smug

that is the sort of sloth i would be

i am sorry if i caused confusion

happy sloth

Alice Marie - Curtains

Alice Marie - Curtains


Do you wanna come over round my house?
We can make our toast in the middle of the night.
Well if not, then are you sure?

I know you’ve been watching through the trees
to the full moon, I take it it’s too bright?
Well we can close the curtains a little more.

Dark eyes and frowning lines,
the bitter taste of no sleep tonight.
And I let my words hang on this wall.
When “I love you” shatters I’ll pick up the pieces,
and carve it down. I’ll carve it all
with a quiet violence.

How much can you do by candle light?
Waiting for your head to join your body?
I know it’s got to get a little cold.

Though you’ve never told me directly,
like you’ve never told anybody,
it’s okay for you to come home.

Someone said once I was an angel
trying to reach back into the sky.
But, when I’m dreaming, I dream of nothing,
there is no comfort, there is no light.

Alice Marie - Curtains

person commenting on a youtube video ‘she sounds like a little kid’.. they have a point. guys ive got to confess something.. im actually a highly developed and intelligent 4 year old, i’ve been lying to you all this time and im sorry

self-inflicted-feels said: This is one of the most amazing spoken word poems I have heard in a long time. I love it so much!

Thank you! I’m pretty sure it’s one of my fastest ever written/produced/uploaded pieces of just about anything.. :)

Anonymous asked: ahhhhhhhh you're such a good singer and you're a super high school level cutie pie holy crap i love you uwu

Alice Marie - The Descent
Alice Marie - When the Snakes Slither By



about my ‘let it go cover’

yes i know there are discrepancies about how to pronounce ‘GIF’

i damn near wreck my vocal chords to sing an idina menzel power song

im singing my little heart out

and all you get from that display of high notes

not even some of the references


all you get from that

is that you dont agree with the way i pronounce GIF


^^^wow i’ve never fucking thought about that before i am enlightened. pray tell me more

i fucking give up